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'Make them see! - How to visualize the strategic impact of BIM'

β€£ 'It seems like Top Management only wants BIM because the competition is doing it.' β€£ 'BIM seems to be one of those operational must-haves.' β€£ 'Why do most BIM Initiatives don’t get the commitment of Top Management⁉️'

Because they don’t know what you know!


Make them see!


Visualize the strategic impact of BIM!


About: In this webinar Mark and Davud will walk you through their proven 8-Step-Process 'how to visualize the strategic impact of BIM.'

  • Pure actionable content!
  • The webinar last about 60-90 minutes.
  • The number of participants is not limited.

See you in the webinar!


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We had an amazing time with more than 280 attendees from around the world 🌎: #japan #newzealand #australia #indonesia #malaysia #india #norway #sweden #denmark #uk #germany #switzerland #france #italy #usa #canada #mexico #chile #argentina #colombia #peru #brazil

Thanks for your active participation and the great feedback!

πŸ‘‰ If you have missed our Webinar ‘'Make them see! - How to visualize the strategic impact of BIM'’ its not too late. πŸ“


About the Speakers

Mark-Felix Rettberg

Mark-Felix is an internationally renowned BIM strategist and LEAN expert, keynote speaker, change enthusiast and a vegan hobby chef. He supports companies in the engineering,  construction and manufacturing industry to implement BIM and Lean. He coined the term 'BIM strategist' and developed the BIM Implementation Framework. His focus is on Strategy Development and Program Management.

Davud Anil

Davud is the team’s psychologist.
He is a psychotherapist by education, author, keynote speaker and a passionate barefoot runner. Davud works intensively on the “Psychology of Change” and developed the “Model of Exponential Transformation”. He advises Change Leaders on transforming their organizations. His focus is on working with people on a daily basis and their relationship to change.

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