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  • To learn something about strategy development?
  • A proven framework to develop an effectives BIM strategy?
  • Someone to guide you through the strategy development process?

If you answered any of the questions above with 'Yes!' then our virtual strategy workshop could be something you really might be interested in!?

The Virtual 7-Week Strategy Workshop

When ever your're ready!

Learn everything you need to know about Strategy Development and get the tools to develop an effective BIM Strategy that is measured by strategic value and not a Return on Invest (ROI) - in 7 weeks!

Position BIM as one of the most important strategic initiatives by making them see the strategic impact of your project.

What’s Inside 'The Virtual 7-Week Strategy Workshop'

Plus These Bonuses To Help You Cross The Finish Line

πŸ“Œ  7 Weekly Group Coaching Sessions w/ Live Q&As (45-60 min.)

πŸ“Œ  7-Week Private IM Group Membership

πŸ“Œ  The ImplementationFramework Workshop Attendance Certificate

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